Private SMS number

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You can work with several numbers at the same time. Above SMS are published numbers from which they arrived, and local time. Call the order form during the rental, you can click order

The page header displays the last rented number. The timer in the info panel displays the time until the last room is rented.
By clicking on the timer, you can extend the current number by 1 hour (40 rubles). Lease can be extended only until the end of the current lease. If the lease is already completed, for renewal - write to

New SMS are checked automatically every 5 seconds. You can perform a manual check - by pressing the button refresh

You can enable/disable the sound signal about a new SMS using the button (right side in the info panel).

Message history is automatically deleted after 24 hours, from the moment of termination of activity. By pushing a button logout you can force delete messages and complete the lease.

The SMS on this page are personalized by means of cookies for your browser.
Other visitors to this page cannot see your number and SMS.

If number is not accepted by the target site, write to and you will be given another number for free.

Repeated access to a previously rented number is available upon request from the email address specified when renting. Service cost - 100 rubles (1 hour).

The control unit can be dragged with the mouse to a place convenient for you.

On this page you can rent a private number for registration on websites and in applications requiring verification by entering a code from SMS.

Private number guarantees you protection of the registered account for 6 months. The service is provided automatically, immediately after payment.

To quickly rent a number for 1 hour (59 rubles), just click the "Rent a number" button. Other lease durations can be selected on the order form.
Before the end of the rental period, you can add 1 hour to the rental time for 40 rubles.

Want cheaper?


If you plan to receive SMS from only one sender, order a private number with a delayed activation, and get a 30% discount on the standard rental price.

For this type of rental, you need to specify in advance where the SMS will come from.

Write in the order the desired start time of the lease, after which the administrator will contact you by email to confirm the order. The number will be provided and activated at the agreed time, after order confirmation.

The response time of the administrator can be from several minutes to 12 hours (regardless of the time of day).


SMS from a mobile operator and credit organizations (banks, MFO, payment systems), as well as messages containing the words "credit, wallet, loan, etc." - are blocked . You can check the sender for a filter before renting:

If the rented number is not accepted by the destination site, you will be provided with a different number.

After payment, return to this page.