Private SMS number

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On this page you can rent a private number for registration on websites and in applications requiring verification by entering a code from SMS.

Private number guarantees you protection of the registered account for 6 months. The service is provided automatically, immediately after payment.

To quickly rent a number for 1 hour (59 ₽), just click the "Rent a number" button. Other lease durations can be selected on the order form.

Until the expiration of the lease, you can extend the lease by clicking on the timer.

For regular customers, a loyalty program is provided:

every 10th rental - only 3 ₽ / 1 hour

To receive a loyalty discount, you must use a permanent email address.

*if there is no activity for more than 30 days, the countdown starts from the beginning


SMS from a mobile operator and credit organizations (banks, MFO, payment systems), as well as messages containing the words "credit, wallet, loan" - will be BLOCKED.
You can check the sender for a filter before renting:

If the rented number is not accepted by the destination site, you will be provided with a different number.

After payment, return to this page.

Preorder with delayed activation up to 12 hours.

Discount 10₽ from the standard rental price, provided upon preliminary ordering of the number to receive SMS from 2 senders maximum.

Please note that the number will be provided manually, after the administrator has agreed and confirmed the order. The order confirmation time can be from a few minutes to 12 hours (regardless of the time of day). If you need a number now - use the automatic rental form at the top of the page.

For this type of rental, you need to specify in advance the site / service where you plan to register.

Write the desired start time of the rental, after which the administrator will contact you by Email to confirm the order.

The automatic notification of the formation of an order, which you will receive immediately after placing an order and payment, is not an order confirmation by the administrator.

to extend the current number - click on the timer
add 1 hour (20₽) add 4 hours (60₽) add 24 hours (120₽) add 7 days (330 ₽) add 30 days (930 ₽)